• Color Set 33 bottles

This set now includes our D3 white.

This a Lil' box, with a lotta color.  In this set there is just the colors.  This price saves you money, buying the inks individually would cost you €132!

  • Kielty Inks are formulated to be free of ethanol and methanol and are non acidic.
  • Kielty Inks have exceptionally low toxicity compared to other brands which are acutely toxic (skull and crossbones symbol), you would need to drink our ink to notice negative effects.  Even then it would take multiple bottles to do any real harm, its not exactly tasty, so unless you have screws loose you would not be drinking it.  Yes, I tasted it.  I am a scientist.... with screws loose apparently.
  • Kielty Inks are Alcohol Inks that are 100% handmade in Dublin, Ireland with soul and love.

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Color Set 33 bottles

  • Brand: Kielty Ink
  • Product Code: SCS33
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €95.00