• Leprechaun (Green) Alcohol Ink 100ml

So why the name Leprechaun?

A leprechaun  is a type of fairy of the Aos Sí in Irish folklore. They are usually depicted as little bearded men, wearing a green coat, pants and hat, who partake in mischief.  Often they are illustrated with a shamrock in their hats, however the traditional illustrations had no shamrock. They are solitary creatures who spend their time making and mending shoes and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. If captured by a human, they often grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom, however these wishes when granted often turn sour in keeping with the Leprechauns mischievous nature and to punish their captors.  The Leprechaun is very similar to the Fear Dearg in appearance, though the Fear Dearg's mischief is often deadly.

  • Kielty Inks are formulated to be free of ethanol and methanol and are non acidic.
  • Kielty Inks have exceptionally low toxicity compared to other brands which are acutely toxic (skull and crossbones symbol), you would need to drink our ink to notice negative effects.  Even then it would take multiple bottles to do any real harm, its not exactly tasty, so unless you have screws loose you would not be drinking it.  Yes, I tasted it.  I am a scientist.... with screws loose apparently.
  • Kielty Inks are Alcohol Inks that are 100% handmade in Dublin, Ireland with soul and love.


Kielty Ink is not responsible for what customs do in your country.  Kielty Ink makes and ships orders with appropriate paperwork.  If it is held in customs for whatever reason it is standard protocol that they contact the consignee (you).  If you need assistance you can contact me, however the onus is on you once your order has been shipped.  If you are charged import duties this is outside my control and you should factor that in when placing your order or make relevant inquiries to ensure you have the correct information.  US customers most commonly need a TSCA declaration, I complete and send one with every US shipment.  You may still be contacted to provide one as they may not realize that there is already one completed in the document pouch of the shipment.

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Leprechaun (Green) Alcohol Ink 100ml

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