• Yellow Water Based Ink 35ml

Kielty Ink water based inks are not just bish boshed together and stuck in a bottle.  There is plenty of science behind these inks and they are not made with just any water,  the water used to make these inks is pharmaceutical grade and exceptionally pure.  The pigments are where the real magic is, the process used to make our colors is a closely guarded secret.  Lets just say its sciency.  There is no other nasties in these inks, we don't have anti foaming agents, we have a nontoxic organic binder added but that is another secret.

  • These inks are very highly pigmented. 
  • Exceptionally high light-fastness.
  • Water soluble.
  • Suitable for use with brush, stamp, quill, airbrush, dropper AND skin (we love finger doodling with these inks).
  • Suitable for all ages (just be aware that they will stain clothes and surfaces).

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Yellow Water Based Ink 35ml

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