Affiliate Terms

New affiliate accounts must be activated by an administrator, signing up for an account is not a guarantee of acceptance.  We will selectively choose affiliates based on their geographic location and proximity of other affiliates.

  • Settlement of a commission payment will be made to your chosen payment method on the last calendar day of the month.
  • All commissions are paid in Euro.
  • The commission payment will not be sent if the commission balance is below 20 Euro.  Balances lower than 20 Euro will roll over to the following month, and will continue to roll over until the balance exceeds 20 Euros.
  • You may only create one account, multiple accounts will be banned.  Any commissions will be forfeit.
  • Using deceit or other unethical practices to get sales will lead to termination of your account and your balance will be forfeit.
  • If coupons are provided for use with your affiliate account you may NOT use these coupons for your own purchases.
  • You may only use your tracking links in a way that does not breach the terms of any third party sites.  If reported to us that you are posting your links in places you are not permitted your commissions will be forfeit.
  • You may choose to use your commissions to buy ink.  
  • You may choose to save your commissions on the website instead of receiving monthly payments.