• Layering Solution 1L
Invisible layering solution that will, when applied over an existing dry ink make it non reactive towards newly applied inks. This facilitates overlapping of ink colors rather than displacement of the colors. 
As an added benefit the area treated with the layering solution will be resistant to alcohols and acetone meaning you can wash away all ink but the area that has been covered with the layering solution.
DO NOT SHAKE as this will introduce air bubbles that may pop on the surface leaving tiny spots uncovered.  Use with 99% alcohol only.
How to use:
1.  Place down your first color(s) and let them dry COMPLETELY (including the edgy bit that can be sticky for a few minutes).
2.  Apply layering solution evenly with a clean finger or brush and wait for the solution to dry completely (takes about 5 to 20 minutes depending on the temperature) drying can be accelerated by using a hair dryer on the cool setting.
3.  Apply the second color over the layering solution.
4.  Repeat if needed with other layers.
5.  The layering solution is water soluble and can be washed away without affecting the underlying inks.  Any inks applied over the layering solution will stay where they are.
If you are using alcohol make sure that it is  99%.  Excessive water content will perish the protective layer.

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Layering Solution 1L

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